The “Certificate of Intellectual Property Residence” (CIPR) is an innovative government-documented record of an idea creation’s inception, development and residence. Daymark facilitates registration of a CIPR in Anguilla, so inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes can optimize any income earned from their IP assets.

Applying for a CIPR with Daymark is straightforward and can be done completely online. After submitting essential documentation and your fee, Daymark registers the Intellectual Property with the Anguillan government’s Commercial Registry.

Thanks to Anguilla’s lean bureaucracy and experience with IP residency, receiving your completed CIPR can take as little as a single day.

Why $499?

In addition to the benefits of establishing residency, a CIPR establishes a certain date of your filing, which is important to preventing harmful exploitation of your IP by others. Recovery of a CIPR filing fee can be realized on the tax saved on as little as a $2000 profit.

Daymark allocates some funds from each CIPR registration to a “Napkin Capital” fund, to which registered CIPR holders can apply for initial financing for the development of their idea. A referral reward will also go to the .ai Anguilla Incubator Inc. an incubator project in the Anguilla high school for students in business and technologies to help these young local entrepreneurs start and run real, viable businesses with an eye towards global commerce.

When you register with Daymark, you not only optimize your Intellectual Property, you kickstart another entrepreneur like yourself.

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