About IP Residency

All ideas have a birthdate and an owner, but they also need a jurisdiction of residency. And where Intellectual Property resides can have large tax implications as that asset earns revenues as well as when/if it is sold.

When new Intellectual Property originates its residency in almost any nation, it means paying substantial tax on its incomes. Major corporations have long understood this implication, but until recently have used expensive (and sometimes contrived) methods of relocating those incomes retrospectively. This practice can be frustrating, expensive, and controversial between the people and and multiple governments involved.

Daymark clarifies “residency” at inception or at the time of a sale. Registration of a CIPR provides a government-filed and time-stamped certainty of ownership. Anguilla is the only nation that provides such a document in a legitimate, transparent, secure manner in a tax free jurisdiction.

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